JésùSégunLondon is a luxury shoe brand which has made waves on the fashion scene since it’s inception in 2016, with its innovative designs and timeless craftsmanship that have been worn by celebrities, sports personalities and heads of states.

Established in 2016, Jesu Segun London’s men’s and women’s collections have earned a reputation for their bold and luxurious designs fusing contemporary African colours and textures with traditional Italian craftsmanship, and have been showcased at New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, and Africa Fashion Week among various other international fashion events. Each shoe is designed with meticulous attention to detail and handmade by experienced
artisans to ensure unrivalled comfort, quality and aesthetic.


Jesu Segun London was founded by Andrew Mackenzie, who pursued his extraordinary talent for design after a brief stint in the music industry after graduating from Thames Valley University with a degree in music technology, when he returned to his lifelong interest in fashion and began to style close friends and colleagues.

Born in London to Nigerian parents, Mackenzie’s upbringing was not without adversity. Growing up in a Wandsworth council estate in the 1990’s bestowed a troubling backdrop of gang culture and crime for the lives of Mackenzie and his four siblings as they were raised by a single mother, and certainly made its mark on their lives. Never was this more true than in 2008 when he was wrongly convicted for a crime in Italy, and delivered a lengthy prison sentence. With his resilience and optimism intact, however, he enrolled in the Italian prison on a shoe making and designing course and thus discovered and honed his natural gift, devising and configurating his shoe making dream.


After returning to the UK, without a penny to his name, Andrew made his home in Brighton where he advanced his shoe business plan and set about making his dream a reality, which was made possible with the support of his oldest sister and mentor. After initially working with manufacturers in the UK and Spain, and remaining unsatisfied by the quality, he turned his eye to Italy, where he was afforded the opportunity by a celebrity to create his wedding shoes. Following the success of this commission, Andrew’s business bloomed and he established strong relationships with Italian manufacturers in Vicenza, whom he still works with today.

Having overcome obstacles that would have surely overwhelmed most – including suffering from Keratoconus in both eyes, which doctors warned may leave him permanently blind and resulted in four corneal transplants – Mackenzie has channeled his passion and talent into a luxury brand that has truly made an impact, showcasing a collection of footwear influenced by the vibrancy and colour of African culture, combined with the sophisticated heritage of artisanal Italian shoe-making, yet unmistakably British. Using only the highest quality materials available, Jesu Segun London specialises in bespoke design, creating unique, made-to-order pieces for clients using a variety of highly sought after materials (including the exotic skins of ostrich, snake, python, crocodile, and box calf leather) and catering to all foot shapes and sizes.

For further information about Andrew Mackenzie and Jesu Segun London, you can visit the website here or watch his BBC interview here.


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