Where to Begin? So, I decided to donate part of Jesusegunlondon’s revenue to a positive cause, annually💷. I searched online and stumbled across THE EYE OF THE LORD ORPHANAGE in GHANA, this establishment is governed and maintained by a visually impaired man, this really intrigued and piqued my interest. On reaching the orphanage, the hardship and suffering I saw these children experiencing was distressing😩 to try and depict what these children are compelled to endure would be impossible, trust me, it was the pinnacle of destitution😭 Growing up underprivileged myself, i deemed what I experienced as an adolescent as severe, but in comparability it was a walk in the park. My mind and soul was not prepared for what I saw these young gods experiencing. Typically, during the festive periods, I’ll be in the clubs popping bottles of very expensive liquor🕺🏾, a culture/habit I’ve managed to park off delightfully, observing these orphan’s despondency has further cemented this decision🙏🏾 I wish I could of done more but collectively we can achieve more👊🏾 JesuSegunLondon Foundation is now birthed, it’s purpose, is to assist in the eradication of unnecessary suffering of children, the world over, together we can put smiles on these cute little faces and help reMap their future. Ps; The kid in the white shirt is NOT an orphan but my mates son, someone asked “That is the most overfed orphan I’ve ever seen”😂😂


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